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Hat Care: About Us

After Care Instructions

How to take care of your hat

Learning to take care of your hats properly will help keep them looking their best.

Please follow our advice on handling, storing, and other eventualities.


Ensure you handle your hat correctly. Avoid picking up your hat by the crown. Pick it up by the edge of the brim. When fixing on your head, place your hand on the crown, rather than the brim and position correctly. Use clean dry hands to avoid transfer of natural oils and dirt.


Avoid getting your hat wet as this can cause it to lose its shape. The materials used in most hats are delicate and not necessarily water repellent. Should your hat come into contact with water, remove excess water with a clean cloth. Leave it to dry naturally. Avoid artificial heat such as a dryer. This can lead to it shrinking or becoming distorted.  

Hat Storage

The hat box provided with your hat not only helps keep your hat dry, but free from dust and dirt and also helps protect the colour from fading in sunlight.

Hats should be stored upside down on their crown or supported underneath with enough plain white tissue paper so the weight is not placed on the brim. Avoid coloured tissue paper as colour may transfer.


Feathers, flowers and veils should also be propped up and stuffed using tissue paper to make sure they keep their shape. Add balls of tissues to areas needed.


If left in a place like a hot car you may find it loses shape from the excessive heat.

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