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  • How do I care for my hat after?
    After Care Instructions How to take care of your hat Learning to take care of your hats properly will help keep them looking their best. Please follow our advice on handling, storing, and other eventualities. ​ Handling Ensure you handle your hat correctly. Avoid picking up your hat by the crown. Pick it up by the edge of the brim. When fixing on your head place your hand on the crown, rather than the brim and position correctly. Use clean dry hands to avoid transfer of natural oils and dirt. ​ Moisture Avoid getting your hat wet as this can cause it to lose its shape. The materials used in most hats are delicate and not necessarily water repellent. Should your hat come into contact with water, remove excess water with a clean cloth. Leave it to dry naturally. Avoid artificial heat such as a dryer. This can lead to it shrinking or becoming distorted. ​ Hat Storage The hat box provided with your hat not only helps keep your hat dry, but free from dust and dirt and also helps protect the colour from fading in sunlight. Hats should be stored upside down on their crown or supported underneath with enough plain white tissue paper so the weight is not placed on the brim. Avoid coloured tissue paper as colour may transfer. ​ Trimmings Feathers, flowers and veils should also be propped up and stuffed using tissue paper to make sure they keep their shape. Add balls of tissues to areas needed. ​ Heat If left in a place like a hot car you may find it loses shape from the excessive heat.
  • How long does a bespoke order take?
    A bespoke order piece usually takes between 4-6weeks minimum. The time frame will depend on the design, materials and size. This will be discussed with the client during the first consultation. My advice is, if you have your outfit and accessories then why wait!
  • Do you do online hat hire or bespoke consultations?
    Yes, this is very possible for hire and bespoke orders. Hire: Firstly you would send a picture of your outfit via email. We arrange a phone call at a suitable time and discuss your outfit and what you would like from your headwear. I will have prepared some possibilities of hats, headbands, fascinators that I think would match. A hat hire can be arranged from this and delivered to you at an agreed cost. Bespoke: The above would happen in a similar fashion however if possible we would do a colour match to your outfit colours. This is easily done without having to visit me in my studio. A further discussion on various materials and trims would take place also. I would keep you updated by email on the progress. Your final piece will be posted by courier to you for an agreed date. This is all very possible and has been very successful.
  • How does Hat Hire work?
    You can start by browsing our online hat hire collection. Once you’ve found a style you like, you’re welcome to visit the studio to try it on, or if this is not possible, we can have an online consultation to ensure the chosen piece matches & compliments your outfit. Once you’re happy with your chosen hat or fascinator, you can rent your headpiece for a 4-day rental period. Extended rental periods can be arranged for an additional fee. Rental prices range from £75+ depending on style, size & hire period. Find Hat Hire Enquiry Form here More information and hire terms and conditions can be found here.
  • How much does it cost to rent a hat or fascinator?
    Our prices range from £80-£120 for 4 days (plus postage where needed). Hats can be hired for a longer period of time if needed - just ask for a price when inquiring.
  • Do you offer personal styling?
    From exuberant pinks to nostalgic blacks & whites, wide brims to pillbox & fascinators, there’s a perfect fit waiting for you in my hat collection. From our initial chat I will already have an idea of your personal style and pull out the best styles from contemporary and classic styles for you to try on and see for yourself. By the end of this process you’ll have a complete outfit ready to wear to your event with confidence! Get set for a fun & personal experience by booking your appointment today. Don't forget to bring along a friend!
  • I cannot find the right shade of colour in a hat to match my outfit. Can you help?
    With a dye-to-order option available Valerie can match your bespoke millinery with your chosen outfit, whatever the occasion.
  • I am Mother of the Bride but I don't like hats. What can I do?
    I hear this statement from many clients. My advice would be to make an appointment to talk to an expert. A milliner can advise you of many possible solutions to any headwear problems that you have. As Mother of the Bride, you want to look and feel your best on the wedding day so let us help by having a friendly chat with no obligations, but an hour of styling advice.
  • I am too far away to travel to your studio, can I book an online consultation?
    Online hire & style consultations are also available to those who are too far away to travel to the studio. Don't compromise on style, you can have the full elegance and luxury of our millinery range brought to you online. Valerie is here to help. Get in touch to book your appointment.
  • I'm not sure if my special occasion calls for me to wear a hat or headpiece. can you help?
    Valerie offers a wide range of millinery services to help you find your perfect headwear to complete your outfit for that special occasion be it, mother of the bride or groom, wedding guest, investitures, racing events, garden parties, baptisms or any other formal occasions. Enjoy a complimentary styling and advice session with Valerie & she will ensure you feel your very best, comfortable & confident on that day.

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