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Ripon Cathedral Wedding Fair

Hat Hire

Terms & Conditions



  • Valerie Millinery Collections will confirm whether your chosen hat is available on the date/s requested

  • To secure your booking, the hire fee plus refundable deposit (plus postage if needed) must be paid in full, and the hire contract signed.

  • Your deposit will be refunded when the hat is returned safely and undamaged

  • Your deposit will be refunded via the same method of payment used to pay it

  • Once a hat is dispatched, it is considered a hire even if not worn.



  • If a hat is being posted to you, it will be safely packed and posted in a secure box.  The hat should be returned packed in the same way, in the same box using the return postage label provided.  Damage or delay as a result of failing to do so, may result in part or all of your deposit being retained.

  • If you receive the hat by post in a damaged condition, please contact Valerie Millinery Collections immediately.

  • If you are collecting and returning the hat in person, you should still return the hat packed in the same way, in the same box.

  • Hats should be returned by the agreed date.  Hats returned later than agreed will incur an additional charge which will be taken from the deposit.

  • On receipt of the returned hat, it will be checked for damage (including but not limited to dents, water damage, makeup stains). Any damage will result in all or part of your deposit being retained.



  • The hire fee allows use of the hat for the agreed hire period for 1 person only.  The hat should not be worn by anyone else during this period.

  • Do not make any alterations to the hat, hat decoration or fitting (comb/elastic/headband).  This will damage the hat and result in all or part of your deposit being retained.

  • Your hat may be fitted with hypoallergenic tape across the headlining. This protects the hat from make-up stains, please do not remove it.

  • Protect the hat from adverse weather.  The hats are delicate and as such will be damaged when worn in rain/exposed to water.  Please use an umbrella or seek shelter if the weather takes a turn for the worst.  



  • Cancellation of a booking can be made by the hirer up to one month before the hire date in order for the full hire fee and deposit to be refunded.  Any cancellations made after this period will have the full deposit refunded and 50% of the hire fee.  

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