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The 2022 guide to Wedding Hats: Truths & Traditions

Updated: Jan 25

A wedding is all about getting dressed up beautifully.

A day like no other. A day if people are going to stare, let’s makes it worth their while.

My wedding day- I loved every minute of it!
All because two people fell in love

Hats are a longstanding wedding fashion tradition. When else do you get the opportunity to dress up and dress up with a difference- i.e. your head!

Your hat style and choice can add that final touch to your outfit- a touch of class or if different, a touch of vibrant fun.

Wearing a hat is quiet alien to most of us bar the exception of special occasions, whereas once upon a time, hats were an essential part of every woman's wardrobe, with both every day and dressier styles.

Nowadays the thought of wearing a hat sends us into a state of self-doubt. Many women are convinced that hats don’t suit them when the reality is that they haven’t found the right one for their face shape.

But choosing can be tricky - It can be difficult to know where to start. Take a look at this guide for all you need to know about wedding hats.

1. It’s an experience

Everything about a wedding is special, even down to choosing your hat. You should enjoy the whole experience from start to finish-whether be it in a shop or a bespoke made option. It’s all about you, your personality, your style and most of all what makes you feel comfortable. Be involved in your colour choices and trimmings, after all it’s you that will be wearing it.

2. Suit your style

Make sure you wear your hat and not the hat wears you. A hat must complement your shape & height, be comfortable and wearable all day. You should feel as confident as Vivian (Julia Roberts) did in her scene from ‘Pretty Woman’ walking out of the shop.

3. Mother of the Bride

If there’s one member of the wedding party that can pull off a hat it’s the mother of the bride.

A classic & elegant look
Mother of the Bride

Second to the bride, a mother’s outfit is as much under the watchful eye of guests as the bride’s – so she can never look overdressed.

Did you know that it’s tradition for all female wedding guests not to remove their hat until the mother of the bride has? All the more reason to ensure that you’ve got the perfect headpiece!

4. Sticking to tradition

There was a time when the mother of the groom should always choose a smaller wedding hat than the mother of the bride. This was a set rule across all social situations dictating that guests should never out-shine their hosts. However in present days, If you and your groom are hosting the wedding then the two mums can opt for equally grand creations.

Mother of the Groom
Beautiful shades of dusty pinks make an elegant look

Traditionally ladies wear hats on the right-hand side. In the past a man would stand on the ladies left-thus the hat would not shield her face from him. In the millinery world today- we read the person straight on from left to right-the natural eye direction hence wearing the hat on your right.

5. Seek out the experts

The most important thing is to enjoy wearing your hat. You deserve to feel and look a million dollars on your special day.

You will feel it by having a hat with perfect fit and design on. A bespoke design by Valerie Millinery Collections will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd and make the stare worthwhile!

Making an appointment with Valerie Millinery Collections will ensure

it is perfectly right


just for you.

"Don't be like the rest of them darling" - Coco Chanel


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