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Find Yourself in a Hat for a Wedding

A hat at a wedding? Absolutely! The right hat can transform your wedding outfit from good to fabulous. This is an art, a statement of your personality, a hint of sophistication, and a timeless style. As we look forward to spring and summer weddings of 2024, we explore the charm of wearing a hat, the influence of Pantone fashion colours 2024, and exciting hat styles on the horizon.

Luckily, Valerie’s expert styling advice and 'hat-know-how' has got you covered! 

One of the best ways to style a headpiece is starting with the outfit. Hats are used to complete an entire silhouette and often make the perfect finishing touch. So we always recommend starting with the outfit as a whole, this way we can work with the cut, colours and textures of the look to make sure the hat highlights all the best bits. Booking an appointment with Valerie Millinery Collections is the most effective way to ensure you get your hat and outfit right.

But for those of you who can’t make it to the studio yet, or just need a few pointers, here are some of our top outfit styling tips for this Spring|Summer season.

Bright & Bold Colours

The Pantone palette for 2024 is a testament to vibrancy, joy, and hope - a kaleidoscope of colours that breathe life and cheer into any attire. For the spring and summer weddings of 2024, these effervescent shades will find their way into our styling and hats allowing couples to bring a unique vibrancy to their outfits. Think rich emerald greens, deep oceanic blues, and fiery reds, shades that are full of life and personality.

The palette of rich and extraordinary colour featured in LFW Spring 2024 stretch the imagination and bring expressive beauty to the everyday.
Pantone Colour of the Year 2024

Statement Sleeves

The re-emergence of statement sleeves is breathing a fresh lease of life into wedding fashion, adding an element of dramatic flair to wedding attires. From the extravagance of voluminous bishop sleeves, the whimsical allure of bell sleeves to the timeless sophistication of Juliet sleeves, the variety is extensive and truly exciting. Statement sleeves allow for a unique play of silhouette and structure, adding depth and character to your outfit. They can be both, a nod to the vintage era and an expression of modern-day fashion sensibilities. It's all about finding the right balance that works for you.

Print ~ Smell the Roses

Spanning rose prints, floral embellishment, three-dimensional appliqué, or petal-shaped silhouettes, this is a big trend this season. Designers are encouraging us to stop and smell the roses! This trend lends itself well to milliners. More power to the flower- from roses, to lilies, to chrysanthemums and peonies, a treasure-trove of beautiful headwear for you to choose from.

Hats & Headwear

Finally, your chosen hat should seamlessly integrate with your outfit. Consider the style, colour, and the overall vibe of your attire. A minimalist, modern outfit might pair beautifully with an architectural hat, while a romantic, flowing dress might be better complemented by a soft, floral-adorned hat. So, embrace the world of millinery with open arms, and remember that the perfect hat isn't just the one that looks good, but also the one that feels 'you'. The journey to finding your perfect hat is an exciting one, don't miss out!

For those of you who don’t quite fancy committing to one hat for the season, we’ve got just the service to see you through a packed summer schedule. With our exclusive Hat Hire, you can rent bespoke hats, fascinators, halo crowns for any special event – you’ll get all the glamour with half the commitment!

So, go ahead, embrace the renaissance of statement sleeves, vivid colours, floral prints and beautiful headwear.

Let your style tell a colourful story of you.


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