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Mother Of The Bride; Should I Wear A Hat?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

One's greatest satisfaction is seeing the smile on a client’s face when they put on their finished hat. No words can ever describe that moment.

A moment filled with happiness, tears, and pride for both the client and myself, the hat maker.

"Every hat has a story, yet untold"

Valerie Millinery Collections

Read about Mother of the Bride Fiona and her story.

Written by Mother of the Bride,

Fiona Green

"So in 2019 my then daughter's boyfriend took my husband out for a half pint and asked if he could marry our daughter…. After a pandemic 2 failed attempts to arrange the wedding, 3rd time lucky and it looked promising. I, as the Mother of the Bride agonised over what to wear joining umpteen shopping sites visiting every shop I could think of but still no outfit But then I went to a wedding fair at 'Rudding Park' and saw an amazing hat that I tried. Both my daughter and niece loved the hat saying how amazing I looked in it. So I took the ladies details and tried to find an outfit to go with the hat to no avail so I contacted the lady who made the hat as time was running out and she explained to me the hat I’d seen was personable and bespoke to someone else and that she would be happy to make me a hat but it wouldn’t be the same as I saw.
Feeling disappointed she explained to me to make the right hat for me we needed to sit together, discuss and choose - a bit like going on a journey. I agreed and my journey began.
After some time, and not finding an outfit I decided I’d have a go at making my own dress only ever dabbling at dress making previously before. I asked my daughter if this was OK and she said
"Mother, I would be so very proud of you if you did, your going through gruelling cancer treatment with positivity and humour as well as organising the wedding !! Mother, if anyone can make a dress it’s you."
I met with Valerie, the milliner a few times and we talked about colours and designs. We chatted about our families and ideas, all the while getting to know me and I her like a friend.
On my last visit, I had finished the dress and took it with me for her to see with the hat. I tried it all on together and that’s when it hit me- yes this was the look I was looking for and totally blown away with how amazing the hat was! How perfect it all went together
This is when I realised that you can pay thousands of pounds for a Mother of the Bride outfit or hat but you will never get the feeling I got unless it is made with love and determination. Valerie sure did that with my hat- she was right all along. My hat had its own story, we just needed to tell it together.
My daughter and son-in-law were married yesterday (May 2022 @ Yorkshire Pavilions Harrogate) and when I walked into the church I beamed. No amount of money could pay for that feeling.

My husband however is still reeling that his new son in law only bought him a half pint when asked for his daughters hand in marriage"

If head-wear is something you would like to discuss further after reading Fiona's story, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

I am more than happy to have a chat.

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